My new equipment


Hello!   It’s ME!!!

Lexi that is!!!!

I’m so happy to be back home.  While I did have a lot of fun at Mike’s house, my Mom is the best and I told her I’m very sorry that I ran away.

We went shopping yesterday.  And I got NEW   E Q U I P M E N T.   Yep – and none of it’s hand me down – it’s all brand new. Mom says there was a girl that used to live here. Her name was M and she was a teenager. She was very expensive and now she doesn’t live here any more.

That’s good because I don’t think there is enough money for ME and that girl. I’m glad she moved away – more stuff for ME!!!!  Mom says she misses that girl though. But now I take up all of Mom’s free time!

So we went to the store – and look what I got.

This is my collar that Mom got me for  Christmas.  See how it contrasts so beautifully with ME.  I’m so glad I’m a black and white husky and not one of those brown dogs. I hate BROWN!  Aren’t I gorgeous?  Mom says I have a stance like a model!  Look at my front paw. So elegant – that’s ME!

Lexi’s collar

Some of the people on the     I N T E R N E T   who read about my escape had recommended that I wear a    H A R N E S S.   Mom had already made that decision but she said it was nice to know that everyone else agreed with her. Look what Mom bought me!!!!!!!

My Easy Walk harness

Mom says you have to be careful with harnesses especially for Huskies – like ME!!!!   If we had a harness with the linky thing at the back, then I’ll pull as if I were pulling a sled. So this one has the linky thing at the front.

Mom tried to get it to fit me. She says she isn’t sure if it is adjusted right, but we got to watch a video and everything on the    C O M P U T E R    to adjust it.  There are a LOT of adjustments you can make and Mom doesn’t want me to get sores under my arms.

And even if I were getting sores, I’m not going to tell her.  If I tell her, she will do something. If I don’t and it becomes so sore that I can’t wear the harness – well what would you do it you were me?????

And then I got something else. By the way, I told Mom that I want EVERYTHING to match or I won’t wear it. Mom listens very well.


My new shiny red leash to match my harness and my collar

Mom says that she can get a good grip on the end of that leash and I won’t be able to pull it out of her hand.

Mom’s firm grip on the end of my leach

You know something – I think I remember something about this harness business.  You see, I’m always excited to go for a walk, but when Mom pulls out that harness, I come running to her and I sit down between her legs so she can put it on me.  Yes – I think I must have worn one before, but I can’t remember.

I think my Mom hates the harness more than I do.  Mom says it doesn’t fit properly in the front, but I’m OK and I don’t even pull anymore. Well I did once or twice this morning when I was THIS CLOSE to some squirrels. But that leash just spins me around and well, I don’t think I’ll be pulling any more.

Mom says it’s a miracle because in no time, I became a well behaved dog. Those retractable leashes are for savages!  Did you know that Little Sammy still wears one?

And now that Mom thinks about it – almost all the dogs at the dog park have regular leashes so now I’m part of the gang.  It’s going to take a LOT of time to get my Mom trained. She thinks she is a good dog owner, but boy – sometimes I worry about her.

The only thing that she has left to do is buy me my dog license and then she said she will get my name and her phone number engraved on it. That is going on my collar so if ever I get too excited and run away again, someone will know how to contact me.

Did you know that you can buy    E S C A P E   P R O O F   collars?   Mom didn’t even look at them.

And then we went to the dog park!!!!    There were so  many dogs at the dog park.  I ran and ran and ran and ran.  Oh yes – if Mom wants me to wear this harness thing on our walks, she better take me to the dog park    EVERYDAY!   I think dogs need unions!  You know to protect our rights!!!  And we have the right to EXERCISE.

Well – I have a couple of other stories to tell you, but I need a nap.

Love Lexi


2 thoughts on “My new equipment

  1. Hiya Lexi!!! Pam here. OH MY, you are quite the lovely model. Simply gorgeous!!! And that new equipment is lovely on you. Love the red. I agree with Shirley. Both Misty and Rio are microchipped and registered. Just added protection. Hope you have a great week and still get to have some adventures. (Just not run-away ones or ones with coyotes). Take care, blessed be, hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio


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