Lost and Found!

Hey – it’s me – Lexi.  My Mom is    F U R I O U S   with me.  Guess what I did to make her so mad.

See this picture below.  It’s me – but look that isn’t my collar, that isn’t my leash – heck that isn’t even my house.  Nope – I ran away from home and stayed out ALL NIGHT.


Where is Lexi?

Do you want to hear what happened???   Well I have to tell you because it was SO EXCITING.

My Mom got home on Thursday night. It was late and she was tired.  She didn’t want to take Little Sammy and me on a walk.  But we both put on our saddest faces and Mom said “OK – let’s go for a short walk!”   Yipppeeeee!!!!   It works every time – if you bug her enough – she will give in to what we want!

We were walking and on our way home when we saw another dog. Mom was so tired – she just couldn’t handle us properly and she had a bag of poop in her hand and well – I don’t know what she was doing.

Anyway – I was pulling and pulling and pulling – I wanted to say hello to that other dog. Next thing I knew – slack in the leash – off with the collar and I’m FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

By this time – the other dog was behind us and I ran down the street in the opposite direction.  I stopped to sniff a couple of times but who has time to sniff when you can do whatever you want. Mom and Little Sammy were following me and caling my name, but seriously?  why would I go back – I knew Mom was going to put my collar back on and I wasn’t ready yet.

Nope I kept going and oh my goodness – there is the FOREST right in front of me.  There are rabbits and squirrels and coyotes and I can play with them all. I have to tell you that the forest was a bit disappointing. There were no rabbits or squirrels or coyotes. They were all asleep which I’m sure is what my Mom thought we should all be doing as well.

I stopped to sniff out some good stuff right at the entrance to the forest and Mom and Little Sammy caught up to me. Mom didn’t want to come into the trees just in case the noises she heard weren’t me. Even though I didn’t see the coyoates, I bet they were out hunting. So Mom called my name and I came out, saw Mom and kept running deeper into the forest.

My Mom is very very brave.  She walked into the forest with Little Sammy – as if Little Sammy would protect her from anything.  Nope – she needs ME, but I was busy. Mom was calling my name – Lexi!!!  Lexi!!!!   I knew she was OK.   I was running and Mom could hear me so she knew I was in the forest.  Then she couldn’t hear me any more and she didn’t know where to walk. She said she heard some more noises in the bushes, but didn’t want to go too close in case it wasn’t me.

Mom ended up walking home through the forest hoping that I would come home. And I tried – I really did try.

You see, I went back to the entrance of the forest that I came in and started to walk back down the street hoping that I could find my Mom and Little Sammy.  Even though I’m a big brave dog, it was kind of lonely with no one to play with.

As I walking down the street, I saw another dog.  Oh boy – someone to play with. I went over to the dog – it was a big dog – a    L A B R A D O O D L E   or something like that.  It was big and fluffy. There was this nice man walking the dog and he was talking to me. Asking me what my name was and where I lived. Well as if I’m going to tell him that! So Mike – that’s his name – Mike. He put his dog’s collar on me. WHOA!   That wasn’t supposed to happen.  And then I went home with Mike.

He put his dog whose name I can’t remember in the house and then walked up and down the street with me for a bit hoping my Mom would find me. Meanwhile, my Mom was in the car with Little Sammy and somehow we missed each other.

I have no tags on my collar, but I didn’t have a collar on anyway.

So I got to have a sleepover at Mike’s house. Yipppeeeeee!!!!   A sleepover, although I was missing my Mom and Little Sammy a little bit.

I hope my Mom wasn’t too mad, but she said she did NOT get a lot of sleep that night and her and Little Sammy kept getting up to check if I was in the backyard, or on the front step. They kept listening to hear if I was barking somewhere. Mom had left the back gate open for me and at one point, Mom saw a raccoon in the backyard – a BIG one.  Oh a missed   O P P O R T U N I T Y.

Mom and Little Sammy even got in the car at one point and drove around looking for me.  But I was all tucked up tight at Mike’s house. Early in the morning, Mom and Little Sammy went back into the dark forest to look again. Mom was calling my name, but I couldn’t hear her because I was at Mike’s house.

Mom called Animal Control – that’s the place where they report lost dogs. And they didn’t have anything to report about me because I was at Mike’s house. Mom called a couple of times and there still weren’t any reports about people seeing me. Well duh – I was at Mike`s house.  Mike lives with his parents so they were taking good care of me and they were all really really nice people.

Mom even did an    I N T E R N E T    search to try and find some place where people report lost dogs.  She found some stuff on Kijiji but NOPE – I wasn`t there either.  Mom had to go to work and she said she didn`t have a very productive day. When she called Animal Control for the third time and no reports of any sightings – well Mom said her thoughts weren`t pretty.

And then Mom`s phone rang.  It was Animal Control.  Someone (that would be my new buddy Mike) posted a picture of ME – yep – you see that picture up top – that`s the picture that Mike took of me and he posted it on Kijiji.  The Animal Control saw the picture and called my Mom.   Oh my Mom was jumping up and down with joy – even though she wasn`t 100 percent it was me, but come on – that`s ME in that picture.

Mom left work early – well it was after 3 on Friday so that`s not really early.   Do you want to know where Mike lives?????   He lives on the next street so I really didn’t have a chance to wander the neighbourhood at all.  Mom walked over and well – there was no danger that I was going to get free.  I’ll tell you all about my new E Q U I P M E N T  tomorrow.   I’m not HAPPY, but Mom says it is necessary.

Mom gave Mike’s Mom an envelope. She said it was a reward for his kindness.

Now I would like to say that this was NOT my fault. First, my Mom was NOT responsible enough to make sure I couldn’t slip out of my collar. She should have taken better control of me when I started pulling and well – NONE of this was my fault. I was even trying to walk back home when Mike nabbed me.  I’m totally   I N N O C E N T   of any wrong doing.

Mom says that we should thank everyone who was concerned about me and offered moral support. Mom felt really guilty so she didn’t tell anyone I was missing until noon when she put it on the dog park Facebook page in the hopes that maybe I had gone to the dog park.

But I’m F A M O U S – I got mentioned on the Q Park Facebook page – people were worried about me.  I got my picture on KIJIJI.  I’m F A M O U S!!!!!

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you that when Mom called Animal Services to report that I was missing and they asked why kind of dog I was and Mom said Husky (because that’s what I am -a HUSKY and we love to run!), the lady said “OH” and it wasn’t a very hopeful “OH”.  Mom says thank goodness for Mike!

Now I’m exhausted and I need a nap.  Mom went to bed REALLY REALLY early last night.

Love Lexi!


2 thoughts on “Lost and Found!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS LEXI!!! Misty here. You shouldn’t give your Mom such a fright. And what if it hadn’t been a nice person like Mike that found you. OH I”M SO GLAD YOU”RE OK!!! My mom would have had fits too, probably more than your Mom did. But what an adventure. I’m sure Rio would have had a great time with you. He’s a little rebel, so mom says, and likes to have adventures too. You stay by Mom’s side now, and watch out for those coyotes. They sound like they might be some awful critters. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!! Misty (and Pam and Rio)


  2. OMG Lexi-what a naughty dog you are!
    I know you had a fun adventure but imagine if Mike did not find you what could have happened!
    Your poor mom-I am sure she was worried sick!
    So glad you are home safe!


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