And you thought I was just a pretty face!


Hey guys – it’s me – Lexi!!!!


Waiting for  my Mom to come upstairs

I want to thank the Moringas Mission for finding me this super forever home.  My new Mom and Dad are just the best and they really really love me even if they don’t give me enough attention. I crave attention EVERY SINGLE WAKING minute and they don’t always agree with me.

But guess what – I had to go back to the doggie doctor.  Yep – this time I was going to get a needle in my bum – some booster shot thing. I didn’t like it but it was only a quick little pinch in my bum and then I was OK and I got treats!  I DON’T like being on that shiny table. It’s very slippery and very scary, but my Mom holds me really really tight so I won’t fall off.

Mom was telling the doggie doctor that I still have poop problems.  The doggie doctor had even given me some    P R E S C R I P T I O N    dog food last time.  Do you know how much it costs????   It costs $80 for a 17 pound bag!!!!  Mom says I am worth that money.  I really like this dog food but Mom says I’m not getting better. Well I’m just fine – my poop isn’t.

So guess what???   I got a    P R E S C R I P T I O N.  It’s pills.  I don’t like pills and Mom forgot to get these pill pocket things so I’m NOT taking my pills.  Mom says she will “trick” me with the pill pockets.  Is that fair – to trick a dog????


My new prescription

At first they thought my poop problem was in my small intestine, but now they think it might be in my large intestine.  That means – I get to try a NEW dog food. Yipppeee!!!!!   I love when I am the center of attention!

So that is why I want to thank the Moringas Mission for finding this great forever home.  They really care about me and they don’t care how much it costs.  They just love me so much!!!!

So how smart do you think I am???   Well Mom doesn’t think I am smart, but I showed  her. I do get to be out in the backyard – sometimes by myself. I promised Mom that I wouldn’t try to escape. Yesterday it was pouring rain and I wanted to go out.  Mom felt bad for me and came to check on me in case I wanted in.  DUH!  I’m outside – why would I want to come in?

Besides, I found a nice dry spot to sit and keep watch over the backyard.  How dumb does Mom think I am???

Look – I’m in the gazebo where it isn’t raining

It’s time for our walk and I need to go.  Mom says it’s about time because I keep pestering her and she says I need to burn off some energy!!!

Love Lexi!!!!!


One thought on “And you thought I was just a pretty face!

  1. Hi Lexi, it’s Misty here. Thanks for caring that I got saved. I think we’re very important too. I’m still a scaredy cat, at least that’s what my mom says. I’m NOT a cat though. She’s silly, but she loves me very much. I try to be a good girl and she says that I am her very best little girl. Rio and I are smaller than you are. I’m a Chihuahua mix (I don’t know what else) and Rio is a Chi-Weenie (that means he’s a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix). So we’re little ones. Just right to sit on mom’s lap. I think that makes her happy. I’m glad you have a good doggie doctor now. I hope your tummy issues get taken care of soon. They don’t seem to be hurting you and that’s very good. I don’t like pills either, but sometimes we have to do things we don’t like. Anyway, hope your Mom gets some pill pockets for you, they make a big difference. I’m so glad we met, and I look forward to talking to you for a long time to come. Take care, blessed be, hugs!!! Misty (and Pam and Rio)


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