My family……


HEY!!!!   Is anybody out there?   It’s me Lexi!  Oh my goodness – do you want to know what happened this morning??????


It’s ME – Lexi!!!!


So we’re on our walk in the forest.  I don’t know why Little Sammy just gets to run along without a leash but she does. Me – I have a    R E T R A C T A B L E     leash with this big blue thing at the end.

I hate having a leash – Mom says it all about  C O N T R O L.   She says that I don’t have control of myself and I don’t     L I S T E N     so I have to have a leash so she can control me.  Mom says that if I listened better, I might be able to run free.  Listening is so hard. I’m just too excited all the time.

We were at the dog park yesterday and there was this man who was studying to be a vet. Do you know what he said about ME?  He said that Huskies (that’s what I am – you know – I’m a HUSKY). Well he said that we were     H I G H    E N E R G Y   dogs.  Yep – that’s ME – high energy!!!  All the time.

OK – so we’re walking through the forest and while I don’t like having that leash on – I love those retractable leashes.  My Mom will be walking along and all of a sudden I make a move and almost yank my Mom’s arm off.  It’s so fun – I try to do it when she’s not looking.   Oh glee!!!  oh joy!  Oh – do you think that is what my Mom means by lack of    C O N T R O L??   Oooops – well it’s just hard.

Well – we’re walking in the forest and guess who we saw?  My cousins!!!  Yep – there is a black/grey one and a tan one.  Mom calls them coyotes, but they’re my cousins!!!!   Mom saw them – they were looking for water in the little creek, but it was all frozen. I wanted to invite them back to our house – we have LOTS of water at our house, but Mom said NO. These animals were D A N G E R O U S.

At first we just saw the black one and then it saw us and next thing – we saw both of them running. Guess where they were running????   Yep – they were running TOWARDS us.  I was so excited – I was going to meet my cousins.  Mom yelled really loud in her MOM voice – NO!  She had to say it twice NO!   NO!

The coyotes stopped and looked at us. But they didn’t move. And I wanted to go and play – I was tugging and tugging and Mom tried to get a better grip on that big blue thing and it fell out of her hand and onto the ground.  I would love to have seen Mom’s face at that moment.  But my plan didn’t work as that big blue thing was dragging on the ground and that cord thing was messing up my tail and I wasn’t sure what to do. Little Sammy was hiding behind Mom. My Mom who sometimes is quick was yelling my name – LEXI!  STOP!    LEXI!   STOP!!!!   As if I could go anywhere with this cord and blue thing messing with my butt. She grabbed the big blue thing and all the time those coyotes were watching us.   That was a bit H U M I L A T I N G.  They didn’t have big blue things attached to them.

Then we started to walk back down the path – the coyotes were in our way to go home.  After my Mom said her heart stopped racing, we went down the same path where the coyotes were. My Mom is the    B R A V E S T   Mom in the whole world.  Well I let her think that, but nothing was going to happen.

We saw one of the coyotes in the bush not far from the path, but it just started to walk away. And then on the rest of the way home, I was looking for squirrels and Little Sammy was walking in FRONT of Mom, not behind like she usually does. I think she was scared.  And Mom looked over her shoulder a few times on the way home.

And can you belive this?  No camera to take pictures. My Mom is a loser when it comes to getting pictures of ME and my adventures.  I’m going to have to get a bag so I can carry my own stuff. Mom just doesn’t get it!

Phew – that was a lot of excitement for one walk. I need a nap!

Love Lexi!!!!!!





5 thoughts on “My family……

  1. Hiya Lexi!!! I’m Pam, mom to Misty and Rio. I’ve been playing catch-up on Mom’s blog, and have now caught up to where you have your own blog and I have signed up for it. Misty and Rio have enjoyed hearing all about your adventures. We’re so glad that you found a wonderful forever home. Misty and Rio are both rescues too. Would you believe a man was going to shoot Misty if no one took her??? That just wouldn’t do, so I adopted her, and she’s been a pure joy to me. Rio was just a puppy when I got him and he’s been quite the adventure for me, lol. But he’s helped Misty so much. See, she didn’t really know how to be a dog, and he’s taught her to play and be a regular pup now. Well, we enjoy your blog and hope you continue to be happy and loved. I’m sure you will. Talk to ya soon, blessed be, hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio


    1. Hi Pam and Misty and Rio!!!!! Oh I am so happy to hear that you SAVED MISTY!!!! It is just so sad that people don’t realize how much us dogs have to give. We are all so very special. I want to see pictures – can you send pictures of Misty and Rio??? They can be my on-line paw pals!!!!! Love Lexi!


      1. Hi Lexi!!! I’d love to send you some pics of Misty and Rio. Do I send them to an email or what??? You can send me your email at pamspretties57 at gmail dot com. I usually only check my email a couple times a week, but I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Love and hugs!!! Pam, Misty, and Rio


  2. Lexi, you tell your mum to be careful with that retractable leash. I have a friend who lost control of the leash and it bounded back into the dogs head and killed it instantly. Wouldn’t want that happening to you beautiful girl. Your mum would be better with a long line that she can stand on to practice your recall with yummy smelly treats.


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