Happy New Year from LEXI!!!!!

Hey – pssst – it’s me – LEXI!!!!!



Do you see that I have my very own blog now?????   Well – I can’t say that I’m very happy with the formatting. My Mom says we have to get this done and she just whipped something together.   She really needs to change her priorities so that I’m getting MORE of her time.  She is not very considerate.  All she thinks about is her blog!   BORING!!!!!

It’s ME – LEXI!!!!!

Wow – did you see that my blog is part of WordPress and Mom – well you know if you read her blog, that’s she always technologically challenged.  Therefore I think I’m going to be on my own for getting help with this new web site.  Wow – I just love computers.  There are so many cool things on here. Pictures of my friends at the dog park, a map of where I used to live.  Pictures of toys that I WANT  (and need!)

Remember how my Mom said that I slept beside her bed.  Well – that isn’t the truth at all!   Nope – the first night that I came to live here, Mom didn’t trust me to stay downstairs all by myself. So she sort of dragged/carried me upstairs.  I was terrified and didn’t move all night. The second night, she did the same thing, but I don’t like stairs and I certainly don’t want to go up and down them.  I must have had a traumatic experience with stairs that I have blocked from my mind!

So Mom started to let me stay downstairs all by myself and I’m just the best sleeping dog ever!!!    I HATE stairs – so much that when everyone goes to bed at night and goes up the stairs, if I’m still awake, I will put my two front paws on the bottom step and that’s as far as I will go.

Now there is another set of stairs that go down. Down into a dark, depressing looking space that my Mom calls a studio. What’s a studio?  I don’t know, but it looks too dangerous and scary for dogs so I’m not even going to go there. But if I need my Mom and she’s downstairs in the studio, I will sit right at the top and I will cry. But that doesn’t happen often – I sure don’t need my Mom, although she is very good at fetching my ball if it goes missing (which happens a LOT).  See she even has a barricade at the top of the stairs – I don’t think Little Sammy is happy because sometimes when Mom isn’t here, Little Sammy would go downstairs. But the barricade is mostly now so my ball doesn’t go down the stairs.

Waiting patiently for Mom to come up the stairs

Did you know that we have a toy box for dogs here?  It used to be downstairs in that big scary studio, but since I don’t do stairs, my Mom has brought it up and it’s in the kitchen.   Lots of cool toys, but I’m not really interested in toys even though I got some cool ones for Christmas.  I don’t really like tennis balls either, but boy oh boy – do I love my CHUCK IT ball.  It’s the best thing and I drive my Mom crazy as I roll it under the furniture and she has to get it for me.  She says that I’m bothering her so much that she is reading the same sentence over and over and over.  Oh – I’m doing such a good job at being a DOG!!!!!

The toy box for dogs


Oh here’s a pciture of Little Sammy – I guess she is cute.



Little Sammy


I got a chewy bone and I  love them.  Now I just have to figure out a way to prevent Little Sammy from hiding them on me.  My Mom found one downstairs in that scary place.

And I know it wasn’t me who took it there.  I had two of them and now I think both of them are hidden somewhere.  That Little Sammy – she and I are going to have to have a chat!!!!


Chewing up the chewy bone


So there is this great backyard.  Guess what – there is NO GRASS out there. But there is something even better – MUD!!!!   Yes – real mud.  I love mud. Mom says that I’m making a HUGE mess in the house and I must learn to wipe my feet when I come in.  BORING!!!!!   I think you can have way too many rules in a house and then where is the fun?

Muddy foot prints


More mud



I just love to sit outside and when I’m tired, I’ll just sleep on the mat.  It doesn’t matter if there is snow – I love the snow and I’ll just lay down in the snow and have a nap until my Mom comes to let me in.  I don’t mind being outside.  But my Mom doesn’t want me to stay out too long. She says that I am too skinny and have no fat on my body to keep me warm.  I heard Mom say something about going to see the doggy doctor this week.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   She says it has something to do with my poop which is very soft.  I’d like her to know that my poop has always been that way, but she says it is too soft and I poop too often.  Oh boy – I bet Mom is going to be ticked to find out that is the way I’ve always been.   I can’t help it – stress is a big factor, new food, new house, new people.  Maybe some day.  I guess I have no choice but to go to the doggy doctor.  It might be fun – I’m going to meet new people.  I LOVE meeting new people and giving kisses on the MOUTH when they least expect it!

Hanging out on the back doorstep

I sure do like the backyard and playing in it especially with Little Sammy.  Oh I didn’t tell you what happened last week in the backyard?   I jumped the fence!   Yes – I jumped right over the fence. I don’t think I told you this story.  So you remember my Mom had that gate barricaded so I couldn’t dig under it – right???



Gate barricaded


Well – if you can’t go under the gate – why not go OVER the gate!!!!!   My Mom heard me whimpering and her first thought was that I had hurt myself trying to jump the fence.  Seriously?   Doesn’t she know how good I am at jumping?  Anyway – she came outside and looked everywhere – well not everywhere because she couldn’t find me.  The look of panic on her face was priceless.  I was keeping quiet where I was.  Then she tried to trick me – she opened that gate to the forest and started to leave without ME!!!!!!    WAIT – I cried and she turned around and saw me stuck in the side yard.   “Oh LEXI!!!!   You Little Houdini” – that’s what she said to me!!!!!!

She wasn’t going to move the barricade so she told me to STAY and she would go around to the front of the house to get me through the other gate.  Oh for heavens’ sake – what’s the point in that?  And so I jumped back over the gate so I could go with my Mom.   I was pretty proud of myself. Mom was NOT!   I don’t know why?  I thought that was a pretty cool feat to jump over that gate. Do you know how high that gate is????   It’s pretty high – 54 inches – Mom measured!!!!     Mom went to the hardware store and bought some chicken wire  to put on top of the gate.  But I haven’t bothered with the gate since so I’m not sure she is going to put it up.

Look at how fast Little Sammy can move.  Who would have thought?  She is going so fast that in this next picture, she is a complete blur while I am my beautiful controlled self.


Blurry Little Sammy


And look at ME in this next picture.  I have no idea what Little Sammy is doing to her head because she’s a blur, while I’m even more gorgeous than usual.


Little Sammy and Lexi


But we LOVE each other and love to play with each other and that’s all that counts.

Little Sammy and Lexi


Oh – from time to time – I do play with a tennis ball outside, but not often.

Hey – are you talking about me?


There are lots of places to hide in this backyard.  There are rabbit houses everywhere and I’m doing an excellent job of ridding the backyard of ALL useless animals.  Soon there will only be me!!!!  Little Sammy can stay I guess.


Checking out the backyard


Did I tell you how I LOVE to go for a car ride.  Yep – it’s one of my favourite things.  Not only is the car fun, but it usually means that we are on our way to the dog park.  Sometimes we go to the park three times a day!!!!   But mostly we go twice and sometimes when my Mom is working, we only go once.   I just love it at the dog park.  My Mom would prefer to walk in the forest, but I pull at my leash to get all the squirrels and well – she gets tired of me pulling. So off to the dog park we go!!!!!   I have  my Mom so well trained and it was super EASY!!!!

The car is super fun – I get the entire back to myself while Little Sammy sits up front. There is this seat thing I can lean against and I  especially need that resting spot when I come back from the park because I’m usually exhausted.  And this head rest thing is the PERFECT height for my head.  Mom says I’m just a character, but I think that means that she loves me!

Isn’t this what head rests were meant to be used for?

Well – it now way past our time to go to the dog park, but I am pretty laid back.  There is all day and I’m pretty patient!!!!

Whew – that wasn’t so bad after all.  I can’t wait to see how the blog looks.   WAIT – before you critcize – we need to get pictures together, we have to write things and we have to do other things, but I want you to be able to FOLLOW ME!!!!!!     So remember this link because there is going to be loads more good stuff and now that I have my own post, I can write whenever I want – I don’t have to wait for my Mom to help me.

Have a great day!!!!!

Love Lexi



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year from LEXI!!!!!

  1. Hi Lexi, I would love to meet you. I know we would have fun playing together and running. I bet I could even beat you. But… you live too far away for me to get there by myself. My mom and aunt live with me, but they would probably be more Sammy’s speed. They’re 11.
    So… I guess we’ll just have to be pen pals.
    ps: (My mom’s name is Shirley, I think she knows your mom, something about working together… blah blah, who needs work when there is PLAY!!!!


    1. Hey Teyla – oh too bad we aren’t closer! We would have so much fun running and running and running. Did you know that Huskies can run up to 100 miles a DAY? I love to meet new friends – so yes let’s be paw pals!!!!! Love Lexi


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